Mother Falcon.

As of lately I've since rediscovered an excellent indie/orchestra band that I noticed back in the Summer. 

I found them through a Youtube series called American Hipster Presents (I made a previous blog post about them). 

Mother Falcon is an Austin based band indie orchestra with a roster of around eighteen members or best friends as it seems. There humble and modest front man Nick Gregg assembled the group from assortment of vocalists, cellists, guitarists, and pianists almost five years ago from a group of high school orchestra students who loved to jam out after school. They have since formed the band and have been making a name for themselves. If you love Classical, indie, or acoustic music with a punch check them out on Spotify or what have you.

This is a little short article that The Daily Beast did on them...  Mother Falcon 

My favorite song by them is Marigold which will be the first song they play in the NPR tiny desk concert. 

A video that shows their attitude towards music and one another & how I found them.