Jorgen Grotdal - Graphic Design

Although I  love graphic design & admire it deeply, I don't know to much about it regarding the Adobe photoshop & Illustrator side of things.  In looking for inspirations for a new logo, I stumbled across an incredibly talented graphic designer, Jorgen Grotdal. From all that I could find, he is a seventeen year old guy from Norway who has been making logos, crests, and sayings. What sets him apart is his incredible use of what appears to handwritten lettering in some of his work. His style matches a sort of indie rustic feel of the backwoods & I would love to have him make a logo for me! I gave it a try and posted it on my Instagram, but didn't work out so well. So if you don't know him, go check him out on his behance page where all his work can be seen, or his Instagram, he is very inspirational for only being seventeen!