Centered at the intersection of art and design, my practice is concentrated on using common industrial materials as a foundation for exploring the interaction of material, form and the occupation of space. Concrete, fluorescent lights, and steel are often associated with their connection to industry and architectural engineering. Their form and design is abundant through their assigned use in buildings and infrastructure which shape our societal understanding of cities and space. These structures become a foundation in our understanding of how we navigate and experience space.

My work aims to shape space through the manufacturing of these materials. My work, like architecture, is designed with materials, form, and function in mind. It embraces the characteristics of each material in its raw form and informs the designing and fabrication process for each sculpture or “unit”. In doing so, I utilize the already existing developments in manufacturing and reflect that in the building of my sculptures. Due to the manufacturing of these materials and the process required to make my work, the sculptures can be mass produced as well as exist as multiple iterations. These works probe at the idea of a “one-of-a kind” art object and the division between art and design.


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