Telepistomologic Themie

Telepistomological Themie is the extensions of the self looking at other. For my project, I will be extending my senses of sight and sound underwater. I will observe fish and other water based animals in order to capture their habits and actions that take place while eating. Ideally I will observe a fish approach the camera and eating a baited worm on the end of a modeled skewer. To execute this, I will use a GoPro with an underwater housing to record the action. With the use of a cell phone, the footage and audio from the camera will be live streamed directly to the phone providing a telepresence to the whole situation. In addition to the GoPro, I will 3D model and print a thin attachment that will be secured via the GoPro’s ¼ 20″ thread mount by a small flexible tripod. The attachment will be distanced from the camera slightly, and will include multiple skewers that will have worms on the end to lure in fish. The device as a whole will be placed into the shallow water of the Olentangy River where sunlight will be able to illuminate the water below. As a result, I should be able to record footage of a fish coming along and eating the worm off the skewer.

Sketches before modeling.

GoPro, attachment, and tripod modeled in Maya.

Rendered stills of the model in it's appropriate environment all done in Maya.