The Impression Guys - SoulPancake

Last month I was browsing through Youtube like I do everyday & found this episode in my subscription box.  

The people from SoulPancake (aka the makers of Kid President) & Rain Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute from The Office) (who also created this channel) came up with a genius idea for a short youtube series called The Impression Guys

This six, twenty minute, episode series features two extremely talented impressionists who want to quit impressions and become serious dramatic actors. The show is produced at TV quality standard with a rock solid plot. This series is hilarious & has humor sprinkled throughout the entire episode.

Jim Memskimen and Ross Marquand are both the lead roles who are extremely talented comedians that have incredible comedic timing. With Rain Wilson at the head of SoulPancake, they will continue to make quality entertainment.

At least watch this! Check out their spot on impressions

This is kinda like a trailer of what the show is about.

This is the first episode of the series