American Hipster Presents.

If I'm not taking/editing photos or researching information about photography, I'm on Youtube. Last year I was addicted to this Youtube series called American Hipster. Although it sounds pretentious, it really was a great documentary series of videos portraying creative trendsetters in ten cities with five episodes in each city focusing on art, music, food, social, and style. For some reason, after they visited all ten cities, they stopped. The show had so much potential to continue and showcase even more artists and creatives around the US.  

Paavo was a curious guy with quite the personality which really added to the show, and allowed the viewer to really connect with the artist at hand. If you have never seen any of the videos you should, they are around 5-11 minutes long, and are well worth it (the documentaries that is, not really the Vlogs). His videos introduced me to an assortment of incredible people such as MotherFalcon, Radio Lab, and Bex Finch which I will probably make posts about at a later time.