Sensory Deprivation Helmet2015
Jordan Reynolds


22in x 22in x 22in


Birch plywood, Cloth, Sound dampening material


The Sensory Deprivation Helmet is a device that can be placed over the user's head to deprive them of their senses. The helmet was inspired by sensory deprivation chambers that would inhibit a person of all their senses. My intention was to develop a personalized version of the sensory deprivation chamber that could be used anywhere as an escape from reality and deprive their body of any external sensory input. With this helmet, the user has the ability to hinder their body’s ability see, hear, taste, and smell.

Artist Statement:

I am an artist concentrated on bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. I am interested in researching environments and architectural spaces through experimental scientific exploration and perception of the senses. In doing so, I produce interactive new media works rooted in digital fabrication and design that addresses the questions and queries of our world and how we interact with it.