Reflections, 2016 
Jordan Reynolds


22in x 22in x 22in


Birch plywood, Speaker, Screen, Mirrors


Reflection is an immersive media device that helps the user dissociate from the present and immerse themselves into another environment. While inside the helmet, the user will watch a looped film that is reflected into infinity by the use of four mirrors on the sides of the display. With prolonged exposure, the user will become over stimulated by the sensory input to the point of cognitive dissociation and desensitization to the material and subject matter of the film and must exit the helmet in order to regain normal conscious thought.

Artist Statement:

I am an artist concentrated on bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. I am interested in researching environments and architectural spaces through experimental scientific exploration and perception of the senses. In doing so, I produce interactive new media works rooted in digital fabrication and design that addresses the questions and queries of our world and how we interact with it.


Internals of Reflections helmet


Viewing experience example


Films exhibited:

Oppression, 2016

Waves, 2017