Manufactured Organicism2016
Jordan Reynolds


8ft x 45in x 45in


5mm plywood triangle (64), 1mm eye bolt (160), 1/2"eyebolts (4), 5 lb monofilament, brass swivel hooks (100), 40” x 40” ¼ Birch plywood, wood screws, wood frames.


Manufactured Organicism is a suspended polygonal meshwork structure that references the organicism the material once had as a living organism. In doing so it comments on the manufacturing of organic objects and how manufactured goods now dictate much of our landscape. The consciously shaped form of the structure, blurs the boundary between land and water. It’s form is both reminiscent of a landform and a water wave, both of which is noticed as walking around the structure.

Artist Statement:

I am an artist concentrated on bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. I am interested in researching environments and architectural spaces through experimental scientific exploration and perception of the senses. In doing so, I produce interactive new media works rooted in digital fabrication and design that addresses the questions and queries of our world and how we interact with it.