Jordan Reynolds


12cm x 84cm x 30cm

Active Area:

4 feet x 4 feet


Birch plywood, Arduino, Speaker, Mylar, Electronic components, Sensor components 


CubeSat is a dynamic interactive installation consisting of five 1-to-1 scaled NASA satellites that analyse and record data based on their observations and surveillance of the "space" they are in. These satellites communicate to one another via a series of microphones and speakers creating a sonic feedback network. The feedback and recorded data is dynamic and immediate based on the conditions of the space. Each satellite monitors different kinds of information from time, motion, temperature, pressure, acceleration, sound and other information.

Artist Statement:

I am an artist concentrated on bridging the gap between the arts and sciences. I am interested in researching environments and architectural spaces through experimental scientific exploration and perception of the senses. In doing so, I produce interactive new media works rooted in digital fabrication and design that addresses the questions and queries of our world and how we interact with it.