studio photography

Cervelo S2 x Photoshoot

Last Wednesday I had the incredible opportunity to produce a full on photo shoot for my Cervelo S2 road bike. Since The James Douglas Studio is a teaching studio, they will periodically give me and the other interns the opportunity to improve out portfolios with full scale photoshoots. In studio, I was practically given unlimited resources from two octodome softboxes with Profoto lighting, reflective black plexiglass, a multitude of seamless backdrops, V-flats, to even a 5D Markiii with a 50mm f/1.2 lens.

 My internship with this studio has only been for two weeks & it has already taught me so much. This week I will be editing and constructing my photographs through photoshop, which I will be learning on the fly. In the meantime I produced a Go-Pro time lapse of the six hour photoshoot, which will only yield two photographs. 

BTS timelapse of a photoshoot done for the Cervelo S2 in The James Douglas Studio.