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Show Your Work! - Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is what I would consider a modern genius in creating & sharing the creative process. Austin is the author of both Steal Like an Artist & Show Your Work. 

Good work is all about process, yet we tend to only share the products of that process, and not the process itself. Learn how opening up and sharing your process brings you closer to an audience, adds value to your work, and makes you better at what you do.

Cervelo S2 x Photoshoot

Last Wednesday I had the incredible opportunity to produce a full on photo shoot for my Cervelo S2 road bike. Since The James Douglas Studio is a teaching studio, they will periodically give me and the other interns the opportunity to improve out portfolios with full scale photoshoots. In studio, I was practically given unlimited resources from two octodome softboxes with Profoto lighting, reflective black plexiglass, a multitude of seamless backdrops, V-flats, to even a 5D Markiii with a 50mm f/1.2 lens.

 My internship with this studio has only been for two weeks & it has already taught me so much. This week I will be editing and constructing my photographs through photoshop, which I will be learning on the fly. In the meantime I produced a Go-Pro time lapse of the six hour photoshoot, which will only yield two photographs. 

BTS timelapse of a photoshoot done for the Cervelo S2 in The James Douglas Studio. http://www.jordankreynolds.com/