Project Prompt

Reflections Helmet

Reflection is an immersive media device that helps the user dissociate from their current situation and immerse themselves into another environment. While inside the device, the user will watch a looped film that is displayed inside the helmet. Inside the device, a film is reflected into infinity by the use of four mirrors on the sides of the display. While wearing the device, the user will be bombarded by visual input to a point of over stimulation. However with time, the user will become over stimulated by the sensory input to the point of cognitive dissociation and must exit the helmet in order to regain normal conscious thought.

On the basis of my previous work, I was interested in creating a juxtaposed experience to my Sensory Deprivation Helmet

Sensory Deprivation Helmet 

Fabrication files 

Exterior shell

Interior support

Headset display using a Galaxy Note 4 based off of Google Cardboard.

Outer Shell


Examples of interior display

Film displayed inside headset