Photography One x Final

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For this project, I wanted to comment and question the ideology of appropriation in the art. Appropriation has played a significant role in art history and is a common practice by many well known artists. For my final I wanted to bring up the questions of:

What can a photograph be?
How can one determine what is a photograph and what is an art piece, or are they both?
When does appropriation become OK?
What is considered a portrait?
Where is the boundary drawn between photography, design, art, and abstraction?
What is considered surreal?
What is abstraction?

For many photographers and artists like Richard Price, Barbra Kruger, and Duchamp, we see appropriation as a means to their artwork. However, in an academic setting where we learn about appropriation, is it still okay to practice it? Is it discredited? These are all the questions I ask myself and for which I have no answer.