Podcasts Worth Listening

      Instead of listening to music I usually listen podcasts. I'm the type of person who enjoys learning and educating myself on interesting topics no matter what, so podcasts allow me to so with ease, and since I listen to so many I thought that I might as well share this list.  If you want to see their website, just click on the title. 

Still untitled with Adam Savage 

This podcast is run by the crew at Tested.com where they sit down with Adam Savage (the most interesting man in the world) and talk about a number of things for about thirty minutes every other week. Most of their conversations revolve around making things in the maker community, but they also talk about art, films, or even things that are on Mythbusters. If you love Mythbusters you'll love this, but if you just like learn about very interesting subjects as well this is also for you. (includes Youtube video)

Tested: This is only a test

This podcast consist of Norman Chan & Will Smith (not the actor) who run the Tested.com website.They  usually have a addition special guest with them for every episode. This podcast tends to talk about technology and innovation for about two  hours to an hour and thirty minute every week. They are based out of San Francisco so that is also a topic that comes up often. If you love tech, you like this! (includes video) 

Ear Biscuits


This podcast is run by Rhett & link, a popular Youtube channel. They sit down with a popular Youtube personality every week and talk about how they started, how they work, & the life of a Youtuber for about an hour. If you follow youtubers closely or care about the Youtube personality, you may want to check out this podcast. (only audio)

Raw Talk

This podcast is produced by Jared Polin of froknowsphoto.com. This is a photography podcast that also include some marketing and business advice. The episodes usually last an hour and thirty minutes. Jared Polin & the two Stevens sit down and talk about photography news and techniques, often answering questions from their viewers, and even sometimes they bring in guests to have interviews. He's a bit of a character, but this is the man I learned photography from, and he knows his stuff. Its explicit so just a warning. (Includes video)

Hello Internet


This is a new podcast that just came out run by CGP Grey & Numberphile, both hugely popular science / mathematic Youtube channels. If you have yet to see their channels, I suggest you do so, especially CGP Grey. Their podcast consists of a slew of this from science, math, Youtube, and education. They very in topics, but they always have thoughtful & entertaining conversation about whatever topic they are talking about. (only audio)

Radio Lab

This a top-of-the-line podcast produced by WNYC & NPR in NYC. The show is hosted by excellent hosts Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich. They show lasts about an hour, and is focus usually around science and philosophical nature. The show produces really deep and difficult topics, but are able to make them light-hearted, and exceptionally interesting with their great use of story telling. This was the first podcast I ever listened to & I've listen to all of their 200 some episodes in their archive. I highly recommend this podcast. (only audio for the exception of some life shows)

Here is a video that gives you great insight to the show produced by American Hipster. 

This is a newer podcast I just started listening to.

99% invisible is a small San Francisco radio show that discusses design and architecture and 99% of the things that shape our world that we don't really notice. Roman Mars, the lead host & creator of the show and his co-hosts talk and story tell for about an hour entertaining you and making you notice the little things in life that shape our word.  (audio only)

Design Matters

This is also a new podcast I just recently started listening to. 

Design Matters is a podcast that interviews large and leading designers in industry and graphic design, design agencies, art, writing, and education. Debbie Millman is the host who will usually pick the brain of a designer for about an hour, not only discussing their work, but also how they came to be. I've just recently started listening to this podcast, but its promising, and it introduces me to important designers I didn't know of. (Audio only)

TED Talks

TED Talks is an audio only version of Ted talks from TED conferences around the world. If you don't know what TED is .. well you should. Here is their mission statement 

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we're building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other

Now I suggest you go watch twenty of their videos. (hour long talks)

The Moth

The Moth is a RadioLab like audio podcast that I just started listening to. Although it isn't produced as well as Radio lab it is a story telling podcast that brings a different perspective to life. They have conferences & these are the audio from the stories that are told. They range from about an half an hour to an hour. (audio only)