Here's the plan

If you saw my earlier post, you kinda know what this Huckberry Adventure grant is about. If not here's the run down. 

Huckberry is funding the next great adventure by giving away $1,000 dollars and a bunch of adventure gear from the people at Topo DesignsPoler (which I just bought a photography backpack from), Nemo, and Goal zero.  All they wanted was to hear my idea of a great adventure.

Alright, the plan is to walk / backpack from San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon in one month. 

The trip is about 728 miles in length. This may change when we start to go in depth with the route we are taking, but that's an estimate according to Google Maps. Also according to Google it will take 239 hours to walk the length of the coast, although I don't know what pace that is.. soo yeah.  So here is the math on how we will do this trip.

     We have 720 miles to cover in 30 days. This gives up 24 miles of walking in one day, which is a little under a marathon. If we want 9 hours of sleep, (which who knows how Jet leg will hit us) this gives us 15 hours of being awake. if we want about 5 hours of rest throughout the day to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, prep for anything, site see or whatever, we will then have 10 hours of straight walking. 10 hours to walk. Therefore, if we want to make our 24 miles a day plan, we need to walk 2.4 miles every hour. I think this is very doable, even if we have to do it for a month straight. So in short,

2.4 mph for 10 hours with 5 hours of break & 9 hours of sleep for 30 days.

After going through Google Map's I have kinda estimated our day by day stops seen below. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 6.29.36 PM copy.png
  1. San Francisco to San Rafael

  2. Outside of Santa Rosa

  3. Healdsburg

  4. Hopland

  5. Ukiah

  6. Past Willits

  7. Route 101 Middle of Mandocine

  8. Gaberbville

  9. Bridgeville

  10. Eureka

  11. Redwood Forest

  12. Redwood Forest

  13. Crescent City

  14. Brookings

  15. Siskiyou Forest

  16. Siskiyou Forest

  17. Siskiyou Forest

  18. Brandon

  19. North bend- Coosbay

  20. Oregon Dunes

  21. Florence

  22. Sisuslaw Forest

  23. Junction City

  24. Corvallis

  25. Salem

  26. McMinnville

  27. Tigard

  28. Portland


So when will I do this? Mid-June till mid-July.

Evan, Noah, and I get out of school towards the beginning/middle of May. So after that we will prep and work for some extra money for our plane ticket out to San Fran for the start of our trip in the middle of June. We will walk till we get to Portland & then we will fly back to Ohio by mid-July. 

& thats the plan as of now.